Kryptokit is a Toronto-based technology company specializing in encryption and digital currencies. Founded in 2013 by Anthony Di Iorio and Steven Dakh, Kryptokit strives to provide hardware and software solutions that are secure, easy to use, and frictionless.

Our Products

Chrome Extension

Bitcoin wallet and crypto-tools

built into your browser.

HTML5 Wallet 

Instant cross-platform

HTML5 bitcoin wallet.

Hardware Wallet

Cold storage hardware wallet

coming soon. Stay tuned.

Our Team

  • steve-dakh-kryptokit-

    Steve Dakh

  • anthony-

    Anthony Di Iorio

  • dee

    Deepayan Acharjya

  • amir

    Amir Jaffari

  • tracy-leparulo-bitcoin1-600x518

    Tracy Leparulo

  • warren-small

    Warren Yen

  • Vitalik-

    Vitalik Buterin

  • eric

    Erik Voorhees

  • roger

    Roger Ver

Kryptokit Gives Back

Sponsor of Canadian Sailing Olympians

“Thanks to Kryptokit, our team was able to outfit our new boat with new sails, including replacing our broken mainsail. ” – Luke Ramsay , 2012 London Olympian

Sponsor of Bitcoin Across America 

“Kryptokit sponsored the run and even provided a fully decked out RV wrapped with an awesome Bitcoin Logo! Kudos to the good folks at Kryptokit!” – Jason King , Seans Outpost 

Sponsor of 2014 Bitcoin Expo Canada 

“Thanks to the help of industry sponsors like Kryptokit, the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada is able to further our mission to promote Bitcoin adoption in Canada” – Michael Perklin , Bitcoin Alliance of Canada 

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