The easiest way to collect, fundraise, or pool bitcoin online. 


We do not charge fees or take a percent of your fundraising. The funds that you raise are all yours.


There are no restrictions on what type of project you’re fundraising for. It’s your choice not ours. 


There are no time constraints on your fundraiser. Share it with whomever you want for as long as you want. 


You’re not required to create a video or write lengthy descriptions. With no usernames or passwords, make a crowd fund in under a minute.

What will you use it for?


Fundraise your charity’s workshops, a new product for your business, or a massive bitcoin event. With no restrictions, create a fundraiser for anything your desire. 


Fund a new coffeemaker for your office or pool bitcoin for a social outing. It makes receiving bitcoin from multiple people easy and transparent.


You’re keyboard just broke, laptop got stolen, or just having a bad day. Share your fundraiser quickly and effectively within your bitcoin community.    

How to use RushWallet Fundraiser


STEP 1: Open your RushWallet or create a new wallet at
STEP 2: Click on the settings/tools icon in the top bar
STEP 3: Click Fundraiser Manager
STEP 4: Select Create Fundraiser
STEP 5: Enter your title and amount of bitcoin needed. It is optional to add a description and YouTube video
STEP 6: Click Create Fundraiser

Note that each fundraiser generates a Fundraiser ID associated with a new wallet. Write it down and store it in a safe place, this ID is required if you ever need to restore your fundraiser. DO NOT FORGET YOUR FUNDRAISER ID! 


STEP 1: Click on the settings/tools icon in the top bar
STEP 2: Select Fundraiser Manager
STEP 3: Click the title of your fundraiser

Your fundraiser will display your title, information, video and new address. It will also display the total contributors and a progress bar showing the amount of bitcoin raised and your goal.  Below your fundraiser are Facebook and Twitter links and a shortened URL that you can share on your website, blog, email, and social media channels.  Share that link with whomever you want, wherever you want, for as long as you want. 


Click on the settings/tools icon in the top bar and then click ‘Fundraiser Manager’. This will bring up your fundraisers and give you the ability to view your fundraiser, open your new wallet, sweep your funds, and delete your fundraiser. fundraiser and input your Fundraiser ID.

View your fundraiser

In your fundraiser manager, click on the fundraiser name to open and view the details of your fundraiser.

Open fundraiser wallet

This wallet is separate from your original wallet and stores your funds associated with your fundraiser. Ensure you never share your wallet’s URL.

Sweep your fundraiser

Sweep the bitcoins from your fundraiser into your main RushWallet. The progress meter will continue to show the total bitcoin amount contributed.

Delete your fundraiser

Deleting your fundraiser will simply remove it from your manager. You can never permanently delete your fundraiser.


To retrieve your wallet, select fundraiser manager in the settings/tools icon. Select import existing fundraiser and input your Fundraiser ID.

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