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( #1 ) Be Your Own Bank

We’re a wallet system not a bank. RushWallet helps you send & receive bitcoin fast and for free.  We neither hold nor has access to your bitcoins ever.  You are your own bank, vault, and teller. 

( #2 ) Store Your Own Info

All your information is stored on the client-side. Which means, you store everything and we store nothing.  So if we go down you can import your info into any other system. 

( #3 ) Control Your Own Privates

Would you show your privates to a stranger? Didn’t think so. Unlike majority of bitcoin wallets, we never see your private key. Please keep your privates to yourself.

( #4 ) Control Your Own Security

Passwords are optional but not necessary. You even generate your own key. To create your own RushWallet you continuously tap or move your mouse to encrypt your secure random key which becomes part of your URL.  Just bookmark your wallet and start bitcoining. 

( #5 ) Use Any Of Your Devices

RushWallet works on multiple devices – including iphones

Just bookmark our site on your computer, phone, and tablet.

We didn’t forget about you apple lovers.

( #6 ) You Can Check Us Out

Our source code is available to view.

We aim to provide trustworthy and useful tools with no hidden agenda.

Feel free to check us out.

( #7 ) You Ain’t Got Time For That

Create your RushWallet in seconds. With no logins, optional passwords, and a simple interface, RushWallet is the fastest bitcoin wallet.

Because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Treat yourself, create a RushWallet right now

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